At this point in the Rockies’ season, there’s little to root for than the occasional upset of a team that has something left to play for. Assuming neither Clint Hurdle nor Dan O’Dowd is going to get the axe, all we diehards have to hope for is that Colorado plays the spoiler’s role well. And that Danny Ardoin, Dustan Mohr, and Desi Relaford all somehow collide chasing a foul ball down the leftfield line and acquire season-ending injuries.

When the Nationals look back at their inaugural year, they may well remember the just-concluded series with Colorado as the point where things turned around for the worst. This Livan Hernandez story is pretty freaking weird. I don’t know what to make of it, really. This year has already seen a guy (Octavio Dotel) elect to end his season with surgery against the advice of medical professionals. Hernandez, though, seems to be electing to have knee surgery for…revenge? With Dotel, the motivations were understandable. The guy gave up a chance to rack up some saves going into a free agent year because he was simply in pain he couldn’t bear. As for Hernandez? Frank Robinson: "I have no idea what’s going on."

In the local media, Troy E. has a plea to keep Eric Byrnes up. If it makes the team better on the field, fine by me. But no holding on to guys simply because they have a high huggability factor. We’re not the Cubs. Jason Jennings might miss his next start due to a finger he sprained sliding into second. Roundup: Brad Hawpe might not be back until September, the Rockies acquire utility dude Anderson Machado (this guy is what the "RP" in "VORP" is referring to), Desi Relaford may have actual trade value. Whoa, double take on that last one.



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